Read this before using a public toilet

Read this before using a public toilet

Here are six safety tips for using public toilets.

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We have all experienced it - doing your shopping at the mall when suddenly nature calls.

As much as we may try to avoid using public toilets, it is not always possible. 

But the biggest concern with using public toilets is hygiene. Not everyone who uses the toilet who has the same sense of hygiene as you. This makes public restrooms a germ hotspot. 

So, before using the toilet, make sure you avoid any health hazards by following these safety tips.

- Don’t touch the door handle directly with your hands. Use the back of your elbow to push or open the restroom door to avoid having to touch where others might have touched. Germs can live on door handles and when you touch directly with your hands, it will be easy for the germs to spread. 

- Refrain from touching the toilet seats with bare hands to avoid attracting germs. Lift the toilet seat using tissue paper.

- Avoid using your hands to flush the toilet after using it. Rather use tissue paper to flush. 

- Wipe the toilet seat with a tissue. 

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- Squat! Try not to sit directly on the toilet seat. 

- Sanitise or wash your hands thoroughly with soap after using the toilet.

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