Should men put the toilet seat down when they're finished?

Should men put the toilet seat down when they're finished?

It's an age-old debate and Damon cannot seem to understand what the fuss is all about. What's the big deal with women and their obsession with the toilet seat?

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I went for dinner at a girl friend’s house last night, and after a guy mate went to the bathroom, all hell broke loose as he had left the toilet seat up. I think we battled it out for about an hour. So come hell or high water, I want to settle this once and for all.

Why is it that guys leave the toilet seat up, and ladies want it down? I really don't see the fuss about it, because when I’m done I always put the seat back down, but I’m not sure why? It’s just always kinda been 'the right thing to do', I suppose.

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If the seat is left up, are ladies scared they’re going to fall into the toilet bowl if they're using the bathroom at night? No seriously, if you’re a guy and you're already lifting the toilet seat before you use the loo, then congratulations - you’re halfway there. But the real sign of a hero is when you put the seat back down afterwards.

It seems as if this debate between men and women has been going on for years, and some have even tried to argue the reasons why guys should be putting the seat down when they are done. 

According to Bustle, these include:

  • It's more sanitary to do so
  • It looks way more visually appealing than looking at the inside of the rim 
  • It prevents the next person from falling into the bowl - that's if you use the bathroom at night 
  • Women have said that its the courteous thing to do 

Should the guy be the one to put the toilet seat back down after he’s done? But does that mean if the lady uses the loo, she should leave the seat back up in case her man is going to use the toilet next?

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Perhaps both genders should agree that both the toilet seat and the lid always be put back down together? 

I'd love to know what do you think? 

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