Monday Motivation: Let your light shine

Monday Motivation: Let your light shine

This Monday Motivation, here are tips to help you shine. 

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We are all born with a light that we carry.

That light shines when we achieve greatness or do acts of kindness for others. 

It also shines when we lead others out of the dark spaces they are in or show them the right way to go. 

However, as we experience disappointments and pain, the light within us can be tampered with.  

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The loss of a loved one, setbacks at work, hurt in relationships, and failure to achieve dreams for whatever reason, can dim our light. 

This is why it is important to realise what is interfering with one's light. Sometimes to ensure light shines to the fullest, one needs to clean and polish the container. As an individual, this means reflecting on your life and cleaning anything that is classified as dirt in your life. 

It is also important to let go of things that are interfering with your light. Sometimes it is people, sometimes it is certain places. 

Sometimes what stops your light from shining bright is being comfortable in things that don't offer room for growth. 

To ensure your light always shines bright: 

- Be intentional about walking out of dark places. 

- Be kind to others. The more good you do to others, the more your light shines. 

- Do acts of charity for the less fortunate. 

- Step out of your comfort zone and look for opportunities that will help you show more of yourself to the world. 

- Learn to forgive others and yourself. Unforgiveness can be toxic. 

- Live healthy. When your health is good, you will function at your level best. 

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