Monday Motivation: Building resilience

Monday Motivation: Building resilience

Wise people use the lemons life throws their way to make lemonade...

Businessman holding a card written resilience
Businessman holding a card written resilience /iStock

The past two years have been extremely hectic for many of us.

Millions of families are left without their loved ones who were taken by the coronavirus.

Not only did we shed tears as we saw the bodies of people we love go to their final resting place, but we also experienced loss in the form of jobs.

This escalated the cases of depression.

But the strongest and most resilient survived – yes, the fact that you are here today means you are resilient. Your life is evidence that your purpose on earth has not yet been fully accomplished.

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Despite all the pain and setbacks, you have managed to rise up.

It is important for you to continue sustaining your energy and motivation through difficult times and to take steps towards making something better of your life.

Resilience shapes the way you view things. It is true that you might have lost your job or loved ones, but shifting your mindset to look for greater opportunities instead of focusing on all that has gone wrong is a great tool to help you attain success.

One of the important things to do as you pick up the pieces after all that has happened is to concentrate on the skills you have built and allow your mind to show you how you can learn and create better opportunities. When you open yourself to the possibility of a brighter tomorrow, things will begin to align.

In order to reach the highest, truest expression of yourself, you will need to continuously monitor your reaction to all that life throws your way. Wise people use the lemons life throws their way to make lemonade.

Will you challenge yourself this Monday to be a part of the winning team?  

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