Monday Motivation: It's okay to let go

Monday Motivation: It's okay to let go

There is a blessing in letting go and allowing life to bring new things your way...

Woman breaking free from chains
Woman breaking free from chains /iStock

In life, we get attached to so many things. 

We form relationships that shape who we are, we acquire assets and things along the way. At times, those very things alter the definition of our worth.

We can reach a place where we allow our possessions and our associations to define our relevancy. 

Sometimes it is holding on to feelings that disturb our peace and interfere with our well-being. 

However, living a successful and fulfilling life comes with knowing when to let go. 

Letting go is never easy, but it can come with blessings. 

When we choose to hold on to things that no longer serve a greater purpose in our lives, we do ourselves a great disservice.  

Sometimes what stands between the level you are at now and your next level of success is the very thing you are holding on to which you know you are supposed to let go of. 

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For instance, sometimes we stay in toxic relationships because of a fear of being alone. We can allow others to mistreat us or manipulate us, or we continue even when life shows us that the relationship has reached the end.

We can also stay in careers that are no longer fulfilling and fear looking for other opportunities because we do not know if the next job will be a blessing or a curse. 

Sometimes we even hold on to possessions we do not need simply because of our status. 

However, holding on can be more dangerous and painful than letting go. 

Life has proven that when we let go of things that no longer serve our purpose, greater things locate us. 

This Monday, be motivated to let go of things that are no longer necessary in your life! 

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