Monday Motivation: Cherish the gift of love

Monday Motivation: Love should never be taken for granted

This week, the world will be celebrating Valentine’s Day. Here are reasons why the gift of love should be cherished. 

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Love makes the world go round. It is one of the most important gifts given to mankind. 

Love gives a sense of purpose and belonging. 

It makes relationships thrive, especially when two people genuinely demonstrate it in speech and action. 

Realising the gift

One of the greatest mistakes people can make is not realising that love is a gift. You cannot buy it or force someone to love you. It is a gift placed in the hearts of others towards you. Therefore, it should never be taken for granted. 

Realising that love is a gift makes us careful of how we receive and reciprocate it. 

Sadly, many people mistreat or abuse others because they fail to see how precious the gift is. 

Without love, life is empty. 

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Cherishing the gift

Love should be cherished. This means it should be protected and valued. The truth is that there are many people out there who are longing to be loved. When life offers you an opportunity to experience love from others, respect and cherish that. 

Protecting love means doing all in your power to ensure that you don’t harm those who love you or whom you claim to love. It means protecting it from anything that might destroy or tarnish the relationship. 

Always remember that real love is kind, and not selfish. It is paying attention to the needs of others and ensuring that you play your part in meeting their needs where you can. 

The more you love and receive love, the more meaningful life becomes. 

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