Monday Motivation: Don’t ever stop doing good

Monday Motivation: Don’t ever stop doing good

When we do good, we plant seeds which will bear fruit someday. 

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One of the profound lessons I learned from my father from a very young age is that one must never get tired of doing good.

To this day, I still strive to be kind to others and not let their behaviour discourage me from doing good. 

The truth is that we live in a world where we can be surrounded by many ungrateful people who choose to overlook the good that we do for them. In fact, some people will even throw your good deeds in your face. This is why betrayal from the people you did good for hurts the most.

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But one of the things that keeps me motivated is the knowledge that when we do good, we plant seeds which will bear fruit someday. The fruit might not come in a way that you expect or from people that you expect, but they surely will come.

It is true that when it seems like you are always the giver and never the receiver, you can get drained along the way. But I want you to draw strength from the fact that every action you do, the world is watching and someday you will reap what you have sown. That is why the concept of karma is accepted globally.

This Monday, I want to motivate you to know that your good deeds will some day pay off, as long as you never give up. Never allow anyone to change who you are. Keep shining and keep planting good seeds. Harvest time will eventually come. 

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