How to explain in a non-offensive way why you are leaving your current job

How to explain in a non-offensive way why you are leaving your current job

If you're quitting your current job because it's a toxic environment, here's how to explain to potential employers why you're considering a career change.

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Being in a toxic work environment can have a huge negative impact on your life.

It can be detrimental to your mental and physical health.

For some people, the solution is to move from the toxic environment and seek new job opportunities. However, explaining to your potential employer why you want to leave your current job can be challenging. 

Tarnishing your current employer's name is not always a good idea as it might send the wrong message to potential employers that in future, you might tarnish their company's name if you leave. 

Instead of bad-mouthing your current employer, rather choose to focus on how the new role is in-line with your dreams and aspirations. 

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Focus on your career goals

Instead of telling prospective employers your work environment is toxic or using the generic answer of wanting to grow, tell them how you will achieve this. For instance, elaborate on the job description and how the role is bigger or more challenging than your current role and mentioning something in the new role that is not present in your current one.  

Talk about how it fits your work style

If you're leaving your current employer because the environment is toxic, it's wise to do research on prospective employers. Search the internet to see what past and current employers say about the company. 

In your interview, say how you want to work for the company because you have done research about the culture and believe that is the kind of environment that will allow you to thrive. 

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Have you ever quit a job because of the toxic environment?
Yes, it affected my mental health.
No, every workplace comes with challenges.
I am not a quitter.

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