Benefits of walking with your dog

Health benefits of walking with your dog

On February 22, the world celebrates 'Walking the Dog Day'. Here are some of the benefits of taking a walk with your furry friend.

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'Walking the Dog Day' takes place every year on February 22. 

Having a dog as a pet can have tremendous results for your well-being. 

Dogs are not only a man's best friend, but they also make the best exercise partner. 

Walking with a dog helps you keep fit. Without an exercise partner, it can sometimes be difficult to be motivated to do it, but having your dog as a partner helps foster some form of accountability. 

Exercising has many great benefits. It benefits the heart and helps you keep in shape. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exercising improves your brain health, helps manage weight, reduces the risk of disease, strengthens bones and muscles, and improves your ability to do everyday activities.  

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Walking with your dog helps strengthen the bond that exists between the two of you. You get to enjoy the beauty of nature while walking together. 

Walking together is also a great way to explore your surroundings. This will help you in case you are in danger and need to explain where you are or try to get yourself to a safer location. 

Your dog also obtains benefit from the walking. The Family Pet Clinic states that 'regular walking helps regulate the digestive tract'. Walking reportedly also helps dogs with urinary health. 

It also helps with their mental stimulation and it can help your dog be more social by exposing them to other people and animals that you meet along the way. 

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