"My baby wants to eat the dog's food"

"My baby wants to eat the dog's food"

Just some mid-week kid entertainment for the parents. 

Overheard shot of dog food in a bowl
Overheard shot of dog food in a bowl/Pexels/@Mathew Coulton

Kids tend to put almost everything in their mouths as they grow. 

If you're a parent or not, you will know that this is a stock standard approach to growing up, which they call 'learning'. 

From sand to chalk, it's only when you see what your kid puts in their mouth that it affects you. Or maybe you are one of those parents that just let your kids learn through experience?

One mother videoed her baby boy standing at the dog's food bowl. 

In the video, the mom was telling her baby, who was crying, that he could not eat the dog food. 

The child used his cute factor to try and swipe a piece of the dog's food. The mom was not having it. 

Just a noteworthy point, although it may seem harmless for your child to slip in a piece of dog food, it comes with some dangers. 

"Dog food is developed specifically for dogs’ digestive tracts and it is not always suitable for human consumption. Children who accidentally eat dog food are at risk of foodborne illnesses, such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli." (HealthNews)

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@bearkimberragnar I literally JUST fed him lunch before he decided to snack on some dog kibble….😂 #funny #baby #dogs #babyboy #fyp ♬ The Funny Bassoon - Eitan Epstein Music

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Check out some of the comments below: 

  • "My son ate dog food when I wasn't looking. he's 20 now. he's fine. he barks sometimes but besides that, he's fine."
  • "How dare u stop him from eating dog food !!! His little lip sooo precious"
  • "He’s like mama pweeese you’re upsetting me"
  • "They really do everything besides veggies 😂 kids are wild mine just got mad for trying to eat rocks"

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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