Video: Father and daughter melt hearts with sweet conversation

Video: Father and daughter warm hearts with sweet conversation

This conversation between father and daughter is the sweetest thing ever! 

Father and daughter
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Fathers and daughters share a special bond. 

Great fathers who nurture their relationship with their daughters set the tone for love and security. 

Their daughters grow up knowing what true love is, feeling secure, and it can also boost their confidence. 

How a father communicates and expresses his love can also influence the type of partner the daughter will choose to fall in love with or settle with. 

It can also influence what is acceptable in relationships. 

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A video has gone viral on social media showing a sweet conversation between a father and his daughter. 

In the video, the young one can be heard asking her dad to send photos of his new haircut. 

"When you get your haircut dad, send it to us okay? Just send a picture to me my sweetheart," says young Maya in her sweet, gentle voice.  

She goes on to explain to her dad how her day is going with her younger sibling. 

"Daddy I'm making Kairo laugh today. I'm jumping on the bed and he's laughing when I'm jumping," she says. 

"Okay baby, I'll send you a picture when I'm finished, okay? And don't jump on my bed please, you might break it," says the loving father. 

Young Maya goes on to explain that she can't break her dad's bed because she is "too small". 

"Dad, I can't break your bed, I'm too small. Daddy, if Kairo jumped in your bed because he's too big for your bed, do you think he would break it?" she asks. 

She then goes on to explain that Kairo is disturbing their conversation. 

"Sorry dad, I'm trying to talk to you but Kairo keeps being noisy," she says. 

The dad responds: "Yeah baby I think if Kairo jumped on the bed it might break, because he's such a big baby."

The dad went on to share with his daughter that he is done with his haircut. 

"Look Maya, look Maya. I got my haircut."

"Wow dad I love it," responds Maya. 

She goes on to say to her father: "You look like a cutie pie daddy. You coming home now my darling?"

The dad responds that he is outside before Maya responds that she will open the door for him. 

"You serious? I'll come open the door daddy. Don't worry. I'm on my way darling," says Maya. 

"I'm super duper serious," says the dad, and Maya adds: "You look like a cutie pie daddy. I'm on my way darling."

The video has 10,000 likes with over 18,000 comments. 

Many of the comments likened Maya's voice to Peppa Pig. 

See the heartwarming video and comments below:

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