Smart dog stops fire from causing damage to property

Dog stops fire from causing damage to property

Watch the moment a dog saves a building from catching fire. 

Dog stopping fire
Dog stopping fire /Twitter screenshot

A dog is man's best friend! 

Its presence in the home makes a huge difference. 

Dogs are full of love and although each dog is unique, one common thing is that dogs are affectionate. 

They can read people's emotions and are wise to sometimes dealing with situations of danger when they arise. 

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A video has gone viral showing a dog stopping a fire. 

In the video posted by X user Buitengebieden, a dog can be seen standing off to the side while a plug catches fire. 

The dog watches the plug on fire and strategises how it will save the situation. 

It then takes a brave step towards the plug before the fire spreads to destroy things in the room. The dog moves the plug away from other things in the room that could easily catch fire. 

The dog has been hailed as a hero. 

Watch the video below. 

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Image courtesy of X screenshot. 

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