Dog owner slammed for wanting free pet sitter

This woman is not willing to fork out any money for those willing to look after her pet while she travels. 

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Having a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Although some pet owners prefer to travel with their animals, it is sometimes impossible to do in some instances. 

This is where many consider getting a pet sitter to help look after their pet/s and feed them while the owner is away. 

However, most pet sitters offer their services at a cost. 

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One woman found herself in a discussion on social media after she made an advert seeking a 'free' pet sitter.

In an ad posted by a Reddit user, the woman explained that she wants someone to take care of her dog while she traveled.

She said her dog, Tedy, is looking for an 'alternative family'. 

 "Do you love dogs but are too busy to have a full-time commitment or too much financially? Tedy is looking for an alternative family. Would you like your kids to have a dog?" she wrote on the advert. 

"My mum is happy to share me with you on weekends or afternoons (as per agreement) for an exchange to look after me when she is travelling," read the advert posted on Reddit. 

Although pet sharing is becoming a thing, many Reddit users found the woman's request selfish. 

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One Reddit user said it was not fair to leave the dog with strangers while this woman traveled, while others said the woman should pay for the service. 

What do you think about this pet owner's action? Have your say in the poll below. 

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