Somizi says people should speak to their dogs in their mother tongue - do you agree?

Somgaga is gatvol with dog owners speaking other languages to their dogs other than their own.  

Somizi Mhlongo
Somizi gets real about racism in the LGBTIQ+ community

Somizi Mhlongo has been a big advocate for home languages. 

He has never shied away from reprimanding black parents for speaking to their children in English instead of their home language. 

Now, the entertainer is extending the invitation to black people who own pets and speak to them in English.  

"This is directed to Black parents. You know I always talk about how we need to preserve our tradition, our culture, and speak to our kids in our mother tongue and they can still learn English at school and a bit at home, but more importantly let's not lose our languages," he said in an Instagram video which he posted on Wednesday afternoon. 

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The reality TV star said he is now worried about dog owners who are only speak in English to their dogs. Somgaga said talking to dogs in English contributes to them losing their culture. 

"This one is dedicated to black parents of dogs. I am worried about the dogs, the black dogs losing their culture, their tradition," he said in the video. 

He urged the parents to stop using other languages rather than their mother tongue. 

"Black parents of dogs, stop talking to dogs in English. Speak to the dog in your mother [tongue]. The dog must know its mother tongue."

He went on to say: "Dogs these days don't know who they are. They are Westernised. Dogs have lost their culture." 

Do you agree with Somgaga? Have your say in the poll below. 

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