Deon Govender’s lockdown date night ideas

Deon Govender’s lockdown date night ideas

The lockdown has been a trying time for many couples living together, but Deon Govender's date night ideas could put the flame back in your romance.  

Deon Govender and his wife
Deon Govender and his wife Talitha / Instagram

The coronavirus pandemic has affected just about every aspect of our lives, including our relationships. 

While some people are yearning to visit loved ones during the lockdown, others are trying to get away from their partners for some "me-time". 

Stars such as Kelly Clarkson, Julianne Hough, and Kristin Cavallari announced the end of their marriages in the middle of America's stay-at-home orders. 

But being at home with your partner 24/7 does not have to be the end of your relationship. 

East Coast Radio presenter Deon Govender has been under lockdown with his wife Talitha and their fur baby Gucci G - a red fawn French bulldog. 

Deon has enjoyed spending more time with his wife. 

"It’s given us more time to be creative in our gestures towards each other and focus on our love languages," he said. 

The couple, who tied-the-knot in a romantic Bali ceremony in 2017,  keep their romance alive during the lockdown by preparing romantic dinners, planning movie nights, and gaming nights. 

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Deon has a few ideas couples can try for the perfect lockdown date night: 

- Create a theme that’s special to both of you. Example, cheese and wine evening. 

- Dinner for two with tea light candles. 

- Movie night: I created a theatre in my lounge with a movie projector. Serving popcorn and coke just like the movies. 

Deon and Talitha enjoyed going to church, the movies, and travelling before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The couple have been to several countries together, including Italy, where Deon popped the question. 

While Deon has enjoyed every minute of the past 90 days under lockdown with his wife, he says they do get some solo time. 

"Individual meditation and alone time are important to both of us and we prioritise time for that every day."

He adds that couples should use the lockdown to work on their relationships. 

"Learn to put the other person's needs first and understand you are not the only person going through this. Value this time and use it to work on your intimacy. This is the perfect time for that."

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