Would you wear a necklace made from giraffe poo?

Women makes necklaces out of poo

This woman was caught with a box of giraffe poo at the US Customs and Border Protection, claiming that she wanted to bring it into the country to make a necklace. 

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There are many materials or objects that can be used to make a necklace. 

Whether its pearls, topaz, metal, diamonds, plastic, glass, titanium, or ceramic, the options are almost endless.

We recently learned that you can also make a necklace using faeces, thanks to this woman who reported to US Customs and Border Protection with a box full of giraffe poo. 

The woman reportedly said she picked up the poo on a trip to Kenya and brought it back in her luggage. 

She revealed that she was going to use the faeces to make a necklace. 

"On September 29, Minneapolis CBP agriculture specialists seized giraffe faeces declared by a traveler returning from Kenya. The traveler stated they intended to use the faeces to make a necklace," states a report by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Facebook page. 

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The woman also revealed that she had previously made a necklace out of moose faeces.

US officials said carrying the giraffe poo could have led to health issues. 

“There is a real danger with bringing fecal matter into the U.S.,” LaFonda D. Sutton-Burke, CBP Director, Field Operations-Chicago Field Office, told U.S Customs and Border Protection

“If this person had entered the U.S. and had not declared these items, there is high possibility a person could have contracted a disease from this jewelry and developed serious health issues," he added. 

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