REVEALED: The world's ONLY unspotted giraffe has a name!

REVEALED: The world's ONLY unspotted giraffe has a name!

Not so easy to spot this one...

Unspotted giraffe
Unspotted giraffe / Brights Zoo Facebook

Now you see it, now you don't. This is one of the rarest sights in the animal kingdom and it finally has a name!

An unlikely setting in the heart of Tennesse, USA, is home to the world’s only singularly coloured giraffe. 

"The zoo believes the giraffe is one of a kind, given that giraffes are rarely born without their mottled appearance, which primarily serves as camouflage in the wild," shares The Guardian

Over 40,000 people from around the world weighed in with their answer, but before we reveal the name, we want you to weigh in:

The answer is KIPEKEE, which means 'Unique'.
Interested in finding out more? Check out this extraordinary animal here:

As South Africans, we know the quagga, but this friendly giraffe is not a mixed breed but rather a medical anomaly.

This female giraffe was born on July 31 and is the only one of her kind on Earth, as per the zoo officials' statement. 

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