Revenge porn: What to do when someone is threatening to share your nude pics

What to do if someone threatens to share your nude photos

Revenge porn is illegal in South Africa. Here is what to do if you become a victim. 

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Yet another politician in South Africa has become a victim of revenge porn. 

The leaked video of Free State Speaker Zanele Sifuba engaged in sexual activity has been a talking point on social media the past few days, even trending at #1 on Twitter. 

According to media statements, the video was leaked by a man who allegedly demanded bribery to the amount of R300,000. 

Times Live reports that Sifuba has opened a civil claim over the leaked sex tape. 

"Cde Sifuba has henceforth indicated to have opened a civil claim and as a result advises all to respect her decision in dealing with this matter. The ANC caucus wishes to state that it has full confidence in Cde Zanele and supports her in what seems to be an attack to her integrity. We wish Cde Zanele strength, wisdom and courage to carry out her responsibilities,” ANC chief whip Thabo Meeko told the publication.

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Revenge porn is illegal and those who share it can get into a lot of trouble with the law.

The Films and Publications Amendment Act states: "Any person who knowingly distributes private sexual photographs and films in any medium including through the internet, without prior consent of the individual or individuals and where the individual or individuals in the photographs or films is identified or identifiable in the said photographs and films, shall be guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction.”

If you are found guilty, you could pay a fine between R150,000 and R300,000 or even face jail time up to four years. 

What to do when you are a victim 

You will need to lay a criminal charge. It is important that you keep a record of as much information as possible. If possible, take a screenshot. Record what was posted, where it was posted, and who posted it. You might need to get a good lawyer to represent you in court if you don't feel confident enough. 

Then you will need to file a report to the police and another one to the administrators of the platform on which the content has been shared or posted, for example Facebook or Twitter. 

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