What to consider before changing jobs in 2024

2024 Job hunting: What to consider

Before making a decision to apply for a new job, here are the things to consider. 

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At the start of a new year, people normally consider changing jobs. 

Although there are many reasons people quit their jobs or look for other job opportunities, the common ones include: 

Toxic workplace 

Most jobs require at least eight hours of your day. This means most of your time will be spent at work. Therefore, the work environment mustn't be toxic. 

A corrupt culture, gossip, bullying, or when you don't get along with colleagues - all these can contribute to the work environment being toxic. 

Terrible manager

Having a manager who does not have good management skills can make your job difficult. 

Some managers have no empathy, do not practice fairness when dealing with employees, and do not effectively communicate. All these can cause you to want to leave your job. 

Lack of growth or opportunity 

Feeling stagnant at work can result in you wanting to seek better growth opportunities outside of your place of employment. 

Unrealistic workload 

Feeling overworked can result in you having to put in more hours at work and this might interfere with your personal life. It can even cause you stress. 

If you have tried to address the matter with your manager, but nothing was done to help, then you might feel like quitting your job to look for another job. 

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Low salary 

Salary plays a big role when it comes to job satisfaction. If you work hard but your salary isn't satisfying, many people will consider a job change to increase their salary. 

Lack of fulfilment 

Sometimes money is not a problem and the working conditions are not necessarily bad, but some people might just feel that their job isn't fulfilling. Being in a job where you feel unfulfilled can rob you of living the best life. This is why some people quit what others would consider good jobs to follow their dreams and find more fulfilment and joy. 

What to consider before changing your job

Even with all the reasons stated above that cause many to pursue a new job, it is important to not decide on changing jobs without thoroughly thinking about it. 

- Consider if you are not wanting to change jobs based on temporary, short-lived conflict or unhappiness. Is your work environment an unhappy or toxic place, or you are just dealing with temporary dissatisfaction? There is no job that will be completely stress-free or without pain or stress. It is part of the challenges you will face at any workplace. 

- The grass is not always greener on the other side. Before resigning from your job, research the new company you are thinking of joining. Social media is a great place to start searching. Also, ask around. 

- Research the new role you are pursuing. Find out if it not only looks good on paper, but it would be something that would enjoy doing.

- If you are moving because of a salary increase, do a thorough calculation to see if your net salary and any other cost will leave you with the money you are changing jobs for. In some instances, the higher you climb, the more tax you might need to pay, etc., so it is important to decide after thorough evaluation.  

- Before moving, ask yourself if you aren't unhappy because you are not doing any other fun thing outside of work. Find a hobby or something you like that will help you feel fulfilled outside of work. 

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