Special birds to see at Mtunzini

Special birds to see at Mtunzini

Visiting Mtunzini in KwaZulu-Natal will afford you the opportunity of seeing some of the rarest raptors in South Africa.

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There are many reasons why birdwatching is a favourite for many people.

Watching birds has a calming effect and listening to the sounds that they make is like listen to a beautiful song.

Mtunzini in KwaZulu-Natal is home to some of the most incredible birds our country has to offer.

Let us look at some of the most common birds you will see in the area:

  • The Palmnut Vulture. According to biodiversity explorers, the Palmnut Vulture is uncommon in Southern Africa and is localized in coastal and northern Mozambique and KwaZulu-Natal.

  • You will also see Trumpeter Hornbills. According to Southafrica.co.za, this bird is found in warm evergreen forests, coastal forests with abundant fruit availability. 

  • Woolly-necked Storks also call Mtunzini home. They are a dark-brown stork with green-bronze iridescence on the wings and breast.

  • Mangrove Kingfisher

  • The Spotted Ground-thrush

  • The Palmnut Vulture

  • The Green Barbet, which has only ever been recorded in South Africa in Ongoye Forest.

The main birding spots include:

  • The Umlalazi Nature Reserve

  • The Raphia Palm Monument

  • Around the Twinstreams Environmental Centre

  • And in the B&B gardens

Annual Mtunzini Birding Weekend

One of the best times to visit Mtunzini is during the annual Mtunzini Birding weekend.

The event takes place in June or July and is hosted by Mtunzini Conservancy. This amazing event gives you an opportunity where you will not only get to see special birds, but will receive a guided tour while joined by other birding enthusiasts.

Accommodation in Mtunzini is available at the following places: Seaview Executive Guesthouse Mtunzini, One-on-Hely, Ngoye Lodge & Nguni Cottage.

Restaurants in the area include: Zini Forest Pub & Grill, The Clay Oven, Fairways Restaurant, Zini Shisanyama Lounge & Bar. 

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