Mission Rock - A gorgeously relaxing picnic site in KZN

Mission Rock - A gorgeously relaxing picnic site in KZN

Fancy a picnic by the beach? Then Mission Rock is the place for you!

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A picnic offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy spending quality time outdoors.

Sitting down with a picnic basket, listening to the birds singing and just being one with nature can be very relaxing and rewarding.

Many people love to have a picnic to bond with their loved ones.

Whether you are planning a romantic picnic or one for the family, there is no denying that it offers an opportunity to create wonderful memories.

If you are in and around KwaZulu-Natal and looking for the perfect picnic spot, then Mission Rock is the perfect place for you. This popular KZN picnic spot is sure not to disappoint.

It is located 16km north of the St Lucia estuary. The spectacular Mission Rock is a great retreat with breathtaking views. It has pools that not only offer great views but are filled with fascinating marine life.

Fish lovers will enjoy fishing by the beach.

So, this festive season, head to Mission Rock for a time to remember.

After the picnic, you can enjoy a peaceful sleep at Makakatane Bay Lodge, Cane Cutter Estate, Forest Lodge, and Palms, which are all situated near Mission Rock.

There are also great restaurants near Mission Rock that offer the best meals - Reef & Dune, Braza, Barraca Restaurant, and Fisherman’s Restaurant & Bar. 

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