Three reasons why you need to go on an ocean safari

Three reasons why you need to go on an ocean safari

KZN has it all this summer! From ocean safaris to boat rides, the fun never ends. 

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It’s almost time for South Africans to sit back and enjoy ‘Ke dezemba’. 

The busy festive season means that it is essential for holidaymakers to plan their next trip well in advance. 

South Coast Ocean Safari offers a fun experience for the whole family.  Its ocean safaris are carried out by experienced and accredited staff members. 

The ocean safaris last for up to two hours and can include children as young as two years old. 

The boat seats up to 10 people and is equipped with life jackets for children and adults. 

Here’s a look at three reasons why you need to go on an ocean safari. 

Learn more about marine life

Not only will you enjoy spectacular ocean views during the trip, but you will also learn more about marine life. Staff will tell you everything you need to know about what lies beneath the ocean and show you some of the shark nets on KZN’s coastline. 

Children will also enjoy learning about cargo ships! 

Make picture perfect memories 

South Coast Ocean Safari offers a cameraman as part of its package, which means you can enjoy the adventure without worrying about capturing every moment yourself. A cameraman will film the entire experience. 

Take a dip in the ocean 

The highlight of the trip for most guests is the moment they get to take a dip in the warm Indian ocean. The swim is optional, and you can choose to just bask in the sun while chatting to your loved ones. 

South Coast Ocean Safari is based in Shelly Beach, Margate. 

There is a lot to see and do in the area, which explains why it is one of KZN’s popular destinations for families. 

There are several top accommodation venues to choose from including: 

  • San Lameer Resort Hotel & Spa
  • Margate Hotel
  • Beachcomber Bay
  • The Boathouse B&B - BillsBest

Some good restaurants to try during your stay are C-Bali Restaurant, Green Chilli Fine Dining Restaurant and Mojo’z.

Visit South Coast Ocean Safari’s Facebook page for more details about its ocean safaris and boat rides. 

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