Another gem to explore in the Midlands: Swissland Cheese

Here's another gem to explore in the Midlands: Swissland Cheese

A beautiful location to explore and see in KwaZulu-Natal.

Swissland Cheese

The Midlands is one of the most beautiful locations to visit when you're in KwaZulu-Natal.

The area is absolutely refreshing not just for a mini vacation but there are also many fun activities that you can participate in.

There are so many stunning views and natural monuments that add touches of uniqueness for Midlands - it definitely a place to visit!

There's also so much to learn and know about, thanks to the richness of history found in different parts of Midlands. 

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Swissland Cheese is one of the beautiful destinations you can expect to find in Midlands.

This great establishment came about as a full concept in 1992.

Francine Isaac, who is the mastermind behind the farm was inspired by her passion for nature and farming as well as her family background.

Seemingly, Francine comes from a family who have a history of dairy farming which also played a role in her creation process of the establishment.

This successful concept paved the way while creating a new buzz for Midlands, resulting in an increased rate of people, both local and tourists who visit this location annually.

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Swissland Cheese
Swissland Cheese

This farm is quite interesting because it is also the home for award-winning cheese and when you're there you can expect to see some 'cool' happy goat friends who usually roam on the farm and provide some delicious goat-cheese made from their healthy milk.

This is definitely the next place to visit for your next trip especially if you want to create nostalgic moments!

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