Three kid-friendly activities for mid-month that cost under R100

Three kid-friendly activities for mid-month that cost under R100

Mid-month blues don't have to leave you bored. Here are some fun things you can do with the kids that have minimal cost. 

Kids molding playdough on a table
Kids molding playdough on a table/iStock/@Sophonnawit Inkaew

It's that time of the month when you have just enough money to keep you going until payday comes. 

So, it can be difficult to plan a fun-filled weekend for the kids when you have allocated money for things that are priorities. This is why we wanted to suggest a few things that don't cost much and are great kid-pleasers. 

The best part is that most of these activities cost R100 or less and can be reused. 

1. Playdough

Make some fun playdough for the kids or if you are not in the mood to make it, you can get a jar of it from your local SPAR for around R60. 

Here's a great recipe for making playdough. Courtesy of YouTube

2. Salt snowflakes

We are getting into Winter and the change of season may not bring with it snowflakes, but we can certainly create some excitement around their unique designs. 

Check out this quick and simple way of making salt snowflakes. Courtesy of YouTube.

3. Bubble Bounce

A very relaxing activity shows us how to make bubbles that bounce. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube


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