J Sbu's top indoor activities to do with your kids

J Sbu's top indoor activities to do with your kids

Feel like spending a day indoors? Here's what you can get up to...

J Sbu's top indoor activities to do with your kids
J Sbu's top indoor activities to do with your kids/ supplied

The Summer Season is upon us and many parents are looking for something new to do with their kids. 

Dad of Zanda, J Sbu, has blessed us with some awesome activities to try out. 

Journey with J Sbu as he tries out these bonding experiences with his son: 

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  • Watch a movie at the cinema for the first time

"When last"..

Streaming has become huge in South Africa, thus making going to the movies an unusual activity - as well as very expensive. 

J Sbu has never gone to the movies with his son before so this father-son moment is undoubtedly one for the books!

UPDATE: J Sbu’s plea to light the pathway for one hundred kids is heard

● Ice skating

Ice skating is a fun and accessible activity for people of all ages. 

There are several places in KZN where you can you can get your frost on, namely: Galleria and Durban Ice Rink.


  • Arcade and ice-cream 
A cracker combination to get you and your little one into the festive spirit. 

Take your kid for some entertainment take them for some games at the arcade and then grab a delicious ice-cream. 

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  • Aquarium 

A world class entertainment theme park and tourism destination located on Durban's Golden Mile. Ushaka Marine World is the place to be for a fun-filled day of slides, animal encounters, and diverse activities.


  • Visit the Zoo / Game Reserve

If you're able to take a drive beyond the inner circle of KZN, visiting a zoo or going on a game reserve trip is a milestone to hit with your young one. 

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