The Pav Rooftop has everything for the whole family

The Pav Rooftop has everything for the whole family

"The Pav Rooftop caters to every need. An Entertainment Play area that includes an exciting mini putt-putt area complete with mini electric cars for kids. Ensuring that every family member, young and old, finds something to delight in."

The Pavilion Rooftop in Westville Durban
The Pavilion Rooftop in Westville Durban/Instagram Screenshot/@thepavilionsa

Finding kid-friendly things to do in our beautiful province is always an interesting talking point for the families of KZN. 

Mostly because there can never be enough things to do that are kid-friendly. 

One of the things that we recently found out about that struck gold with us was The Pavilion Rooftop. The Pavilion Shopping Centre has long been a place vibing with activities for the whole family and now they have developed their rooftop into a hub of activity. 

"The Pavilion Shopping Centre opened its doors for the Rooftop experience on 25 November 2023. Durban and visitors were invited to experience the all new Pav Rooftop. 

This R50 million development marks a substantial milestone for property owner Pareto – co-association. The transformation of The Pavilion Shopping Centre not only promises a sensational atmosphere but also ensures shoppers benefit from the easy access provided to the roof parking, which will remain in the new configuration and will allow customers convenient and easy parking, especially for after-hours visits to the Centre.

The Pav Rooftop caters for all shoppers with many dining experiences plus entertainment opportunities for the little ones. 

Julie Anne, the Marketing Manager at The Pavilion Shopping Centre shared the below with us. 

"The entertainment play area which includes putt-putt (for the young and old) is complemented with electric kid’s cars for the young ones to enjoy. 

Further to this, we have Pop Up Experience called - Mindgame Escape which has a combination of Escape Rooms, where shoppers can unleash their inner detective with friends and/or colleagues.  Shoppers can gather clues, solve puzzles, combine information, decipher secret meanings and trigger hidden mechanisms all within a timeframe of 60 minutes.  The Battle Zone section of the experience is where shoppers can enjoy and be entertained for hours.  It really is worth experiencing." 

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One mom shared her experience on The Pav Rooftop and it looked like great fun. 

Video courtesy of TikTok

@shahieda_limalia We always looking for kid friendly things in Durban an I think I found a new spot, I visited Pavillion roof top an my 5 year old loved this little track, my 12 year old an his friends had a blast playing gellygun, there's also a sand art area and an escap room which I definitely wanna try out.😁 #westville #durban #fun #kidsDurban #electriccar #toddlerDurban #toddlerthings #car #rooftop #pavilion #kids ♬ dance the night away sped - 💗 S O U N D S 🐆

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