Explore the marvellous Alchemy Bar in Ballito

Explore the marvellous Alchemy Bar in Ballito

If you're looking for a stunning restaurant and bar to explore, behold Alchemy Bar.

Alchemy bar

The best thing about exploring restaurants and bars in KwaZulu-Natal is the mere fact that it's a never-ending activity.

It's almost as if new restaurants are opened on a daily basis.

One restaurant that you should definitely explore is Alchemy Bar in Ballito.

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Alchemy Bar
Alchemy Bar
Alchemy Bar

The Alchemy Bar is a beautiful restaurant located at the Ballito Lifestyle Centre.

Its beautiful interior has an astounding bar area, inclusive of some locally made beverages.

The restaurant is known to celebrate the goodness of South Africa by stocking some the most interesting locally made products.


Furthermore, it's interesting that the restaurant is named 'alchemy' because alchemy can be defined as taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary, sometimes in an unexplainable way.

The restaurant offers some great dishes which can be served in a tapas-style, allowing you to explore multiple foods on the menu.

Alchemy also allows you to host your own private dinners and events where they will provide you with an excellent service.

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Here are some details which could help you get to The Alchemy Bar: 

Contact: 032 648 0032

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Unit 55A, Ballito Lifestyle Centre, 398 & 445 Main Rd, Ballito

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