Experience the Taste of Africa Food Tour in Durban

Experience the Taste of Africa Food Tour in Durban

For just R750, enjoy a variety of some of the most delicious African food at Durban's restaurants. 

Indian food
Indian food/ iStock

Kickstart the year with delicious meals from some of the best restaurants in Durban.  

Durban is rich with diversity.

Because of the different cultures that exist in the province, it is also home to restaurants that offer different types of traditional meals. 

Durbanites are spoiled for choice when it comes to food and spices. 

If you would like a taste of the different cultural foods, then The Taste of Africa Food Tour in Durban is for you. 

It offers you an opportunity to taste Zulu traditional meals and Indian curry meals. According to Trip Advisor, the tour also offers an infusion of both influences like the very famous chakalaka salad.  

You will also get to taste the famous bunny chow, amongst many other meals.  

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The tour lasts two and a half hours.  

It starts at Durban Tourism and ends at The Workshop Shopping Centre. You will also stop at uShaka Beach and the Spice Emporium.  

The cost is R750 per adult.  

More details here.  

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