Venture through Shaka's Rock Tidal Pool on a night walk

Venture through Shaka's Rock Tidal Pool on a night walk

Nightlife comes alive on the North Coast

Night walk event
Night walk event

This is an activity to add to your bucket list!

A night walk on the 28th December at Shaka's Rock Tidal Pool offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature under to cover of stars.

This idyllic spot along the KwaZulu-Natal coastline transforms into a serene haven for those seeking an enchanting nocturnal experience.Listen to the rhythmic crashing of waves whilst embarking on your guided evening adventure amoung like-minded Durbanites. 

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This is the closest you can get to see abundance of marine life without getting wet!!

Check out what to expect here:

Night walk event 2
Night walk event 2/ supplied

The Shaka's Rock Tidal Pool, typically a bustling hub during the day, takes on a different persona at night. With fewer visitors, the sense of intimacy grows as you stroll along the shores, feeling the cool evening breeze and spotting some epic creatures.The rocks come alive.

With a bit of luck, you will get to see: Octopus, Sea slugs/hares, Nudibranch, Devil firefish, a variety of colourful fish, Sea urchins, Starfish, Anemone and a whole lot of other weird creatures! 

Please note that sighting of these creatures is not guaranteed. 

CLICK HERE to secure your ticket and find out more information.

Night hike- coral
Night hike- coral/ supplied

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