Mojito: One of the most popular mispronounced drinks in the world

Mojito: One of the most popular mispronounced drinks in the world

Imagine how less popular the Mojito would be if you could only drink it when you pronounce the word correctly...


The Mojito is one of the most delicious cocktails to exist in the world.

The drink is super simple yet has a delicious taste. Could it be the fresh mint leaves or the striking acidic taste? 

Many restaurants have even tried to create their own mini versions of the Mojito and, of course, some have succeeded while some have failed dismally.

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The drink originated in Havana, Cuba.

The interesting fact about this drink is it started off as a remedy for tropical illnesses due to the fact that some of the ingredients that form this drink have healing capabilities.

Notably, the name Mojito is said to come from a Cuban word 'mojo', which is a seasoning incorporated with lime.

The drink has also been mentioned in a number of books and featured in many movies.

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Here are the ingredients to make the perfect Mojito: 

  • Mint leaves
  • 3 Lime pieces
  • White sugar
  • Ice
  • White rum
  • Sprite 


  1. Place the Ice into the glass.
  2. Add the lime pieces.
  3. Add the mint leaves.
  4. Add two tablespoons of sugar.
  5. Pour the rum into the glass.
  6. Add some soda into the mixture.

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