Unheard John Lennon song goes up for sale

Unheard John Lennon song and interviews from 1970 sell for almost R575,000

What would you do if you had an old cassette tape with with unheard John Lennon songs and interviews with him and Yoko Ono?


According to CNN, a long-lost tape contains an unreleased John Lennon song and interviews with him and Yoko Ono.

The white cassette, which will include a photographic series, is up for sale at an auction in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

The 1970 recording was made by four then-16-year-old schoolboys - back then - after they were granted permission to skip class and interview John and Yoko. 

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The 33-minute recording includes an impromptu performance after one of the boys asked Lennon if he could play something for them

On Wednesday 30 September, it was revealed by BBC News that the tape and photograph series was sold to a Dutch lawyer for $38,000 (around R570,000).

You can view the photos below:

Source: CNN/Instagram

Here's a little trip down Lennon and Ono's lane:

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