Peter Gabriel releases new music, celebrates 13th anniversary of 'Scratch My Back'

Peter Gabriel releases new music, celebrates 13th anniversary of 'Scratch My Back'

Watch the video as Peter Gabriel remembers the phenomenal work he did on the album...

Peter Gabriel
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Peter Gabriel is celebrating his 73rd birthday today. The singer was born on 13 February 1950. 

He was the lead singer of the famous 1970s band, Genesis, before venturing into a solo career. 

One of his biggest albums was 'Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ', which he released in 1989 and won a Grammy for. 

In 1992, he released his sixth studio album, 'Us', which went on to win a Grammy. 

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One of the albums very close to Gabriel's heart is 'Scratch My Back’, which was released in February 2010. It is a cover of 12 songs from other incredible artists such as Byrne, Randy Newman, Guy Garvey, Stephin Merrit, and Justin Vernon.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the album, Peter said it all has to do with how wonderfully the songs were written.  

“Songwriting is what drew me into music,” Peter said in a statement posted on his website. 

Over the weekend he took to social media to express how dear the album is to him. 

"Today, we celebrate 13 years since the release of the album ‘Scratch My Back’, which features twelve songs by various artists covered by Peter accompanied by an orchestra. Peter worked on the arrangement with John Metcalf, whose string arrangement also features on The Court," he wrote. 

'The Court' is the latest single from the star. He released it on February 5. 

It was written and produced by Peter. 

"The song is partly inspired by the work of NAMATI whose mission is to provide people around the world access to justice they may not otherwise be able to afford," reads a statement on the site

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