Throwback to when Rodriguez thanked his South African fans for keeping him alive

Throwback to when Rodriguez thanked his SA fans for keeping him alive

The star was performing in front of thousands of South African fans in 1998 when Rodriguez shared how grateful he was that their love for his music has made sure his career stood the test of time.

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Rodriguez has been a big name in South Africa. Although the star is originally from the United States, his music struggled to make an impact in his homeland.

On the verge of giving up, he learned that South Africans loved his music and this is what led to him deciding to tour Africa in the 90s. 

It was in 1998 when he spoke to thousands of his fans at the Bellville Velodrome in Cape Town and thanked them for keeping him alive. A statement that was met with a lot of enthusiasm from his fans, who understood just how much of a gift he is.

His music did so well that according to reports,. he’s believed to have sold more records on South Africa than Elvis Presley!

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His ground-breaking album, 'Cold Fact', was released in 1970. According to his website, his music career did not take off in America because of financial problems with his label. 

Following his successful music career in South Africa, the star released 'After The Fact' in South Africa in 1996, and then later released  'Live Fact', a live recording of his first SA tour in 1998.

Watch the magical moment below when he ascended the stage and thanked his South African fans for keeping him alive. 

Also, listen to East Coast Gold on Sunday, 10 July, to celebrate the star's 80th birthday. We will be playing some of his biggest hits to honour his birthday. 

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