Rodriguez music tribute

Rodriguez music tribute

This Friday, East Coast Gold will be paying a special tribute to Rodriguez that will feature all of his classical hits. 

Sixto Rodriguez music tribute
Sixto Rodriguez/ YouTube screenshot

Rodriguez’s rise to fame story is quite unique. 

The award-winning artist burst onto the music scene in the 1970s, but his career struggled to take off.

He was then forced to take a break. He stayed out of the music scene from 1974 until 1998. But while he was thinking that his music career was a flop, in South Africa, Rodriguez became a huge star. 

A film about his life was even produced, ‘Searching For Sugar Man’. It went on to win numerous awards. 

Thanks to one of his fans who got into contact with him, Rodriguez resumed his career by coming to perform in South Africa in 1998.

His shows attracted thousands of people and Rodriguez was back on his feet. His career became a success in different parts of the world. Until today, Rodriguez's songs are still being enjoyed by people from all walks of life around the world. 

The singer/songwriter has released many classical hits.  

Rodriguez - Sugarman

Rodriguez - I Wonder

Tune into East Coast Gold this Friday for a tribute to the legendary singer. 

East Coast Gold will be running a music feature on the legend this Friday on Jane Linley-Thomas’s show from 13:00 – 13.30.  The show will feature his hits including 'Sugarman' and 'I Wonder'.

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