The powerful last words from George Harrison before his death

The powerful last words from George Harrison before his death

These last words by the legendary George Harrison will touch your heart.

George Harrison
George Harrison / YouTube screenshot

Today marks 21 years since George Harrison passed away. 

It was on 29 November in 2001 when he took his last breath at his Hollywood Hills mansion. He was 58 at the time of his death. 

Harrison lost his battle to cancer. 

Before passing away, the Beatles star managed to share words of wisdom which were recorded by his wife.

It is reported that George's last words before departing to his final resting place were a call for love. 

"Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait, and love one another," he said. 

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At the time of his passing, George was surrounded by his dear wife Olivia Harrison and his son, Dhani Harrison. His close friend Ravi Shankar was also there. 

His former band member, Sean Smith, has described George as someone who made a difference not just to music, but to the world.

He became a member of The Beatles at inception and went on to create a legacy for himself. 

As part of celebrating the impact that he has made on the lives of many people around the world through his music, East Coast Gold will be playing his music throughout today. Listen here

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