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Popular slang words of the 1980s

80s people... which of these slang words were favourites in your vocab?

slang words from the 80s

Each generation has different things that define them. Apart from fashion and music, slang is definitely one thing that is unique to each decade. 

Let's look at slang terms that were popular in the 1980s, courtesy of some of our listeners and babbel

Gag me with a spoon! 

This term meant, "That’s disgusting!". 

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This is a South African slang word (also spelt 'kief') and it means good or nice or cool.


This slang word meant amazing, awesome or disgusting. 


Eat my shorts

Who doesn't remember The Simpsons! This phrase was regularly said by Bart Simpson from 1989. The words were used to tell someone to go away or to stop bothering you. 



Even until this day, the two terms are still being used and they refer to someone who grew up in the same town as you. 


Veg out

To veg out meant to relax and do nothing. 


This slang term is still being used today and means someone who wants to be something else. 

What are some words you used back in the 1980s? On our Facebook page, Martina Martin said she used to say, "cool beans", while Paul Chantler used "kiff" and  Gayle-anne Hart recalls saying 'jeepers creepers". 

Fast forward a few years to the 1990s, and Mark Volker gave us this pearl of a line - which he says was Cape Town 90s slang between the surfers! "Dude that wave was such a lank kiff ride." 

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