Matt Monro - The most underrated pop vocalist of the '60s

Matt Monro - The most underrated pop vocalist of the '60s

 Here are some of the things Matt Monro has accomplished over the course of his 30-year career.

Matt Monro
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Matt Monro, real name, Terence Edward Parsons, has been called several names: 'The Cockney Sinatra', 'The Fifth Beatle', and 'The Singing Bus Driver'. 

He was born on 1 December 1930 in London. 

Famous producer, George Martin, has described Matt as the best singer he ever worked with. 

He won several local talent contests in Hong Kong and went on to own a radio show, 'Terry Parsons Sings'. 

His first recording company was Decca, but his success came when he was signed to Parlophone.

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In 1961, he released his major hit, 'Portrait of my Love', from the album, 'My Kind of Girl'. 

His other hits include; 'My Kind Of Girl', 'Gonna Build a Mountain', 'Softly As I Leave You', 'From Russia with Love', and 'Walk Away'.

Matt covered 'Yesterday' in 1967 and the song became a hit, reaching the top ten in England.

He was described as the most underrated pop vocalist of the '60s by AllMusic

The singer was later diagnosed with cancer of the liver, which led to his death. 

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