The iconic Sting announces details for new album, 'The Bridge'

The iconic Sting announces details for new album, 'The Bridge'

Grammy Award winning musician Sting has announced his new album 'The Bridge', which will be released on 19 November 2021.

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When it comes to icons, Sting will always be one of the names that will always be top of mind. 

The Bridge displays Sting’s prolific and different songwriting prowess, with this new set of songs serving styles and genres explored all over his unrivaled career. The lead track “If It’s Love” premiered nowadays on BBC Radio 2 and is accessible now on all digital platforms.

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Sting likens contemplating his romantic feelings to calling the doctor about his symptoms.

The Bridge was written in a year that saw the world experience a global pandemic. In this album, Sting ruminates on personal loss, separation, disruption, lockdown, and the extraordinary social and political turmoil the world has experienced in the past year.

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“bridge”  represents the enduring and the ever-evolving link between ideas, cultures, continents, and even the banks of a river. It’s also a route into the past.

You can find out more about the highly-anticipated album on Sting's

Here's the tracklisting for the album:

  1. Rushing Water
  2. If It’s Love
  3. The Book of Numbers
  4. Loving You
  5. Harmony Road
  6. For Her Love
  7. The Hills on the Border
  8. Captain Bateman
  9. The Bells of St. Thomas
  10. The Bridge
  11. Waters of Tyne   (Deluxe bonus track)
  12. Captain Bateman’s Basement  (Deluxe bonus track)
  13. (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay (Deluxe bonus track)
  14. *(Japanese exclusive bonus track)
  15. I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City 

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