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Home décor styles from the 80s

East Coast Gold goes down memory lane, bringing you three decor ideas of the 1980s. 

1980s home decoration
1980s home decoration / iStock

The 1980s were a very interesting and bold decade. Home decor was also unique in that era. 

It was marked by swagged curtains, prints, and lots of floral textures, as well as plenty of ornamentations. 

Glass blocks

Glass blocks were in high demand in the 1980s. They were made into walls and some became windows. 

They came in different shapes and sizes. 

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Matching wallpaper and bedding

Popular in the 1980s were homes having matching drapes, wallpaper, and bedding, especially floral ones. 

These made the room look congested.

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Oak cabinets or steel kitchen cupboards

Almost every house in the 80s had oak cabinets or steel kitchen cupboards in different colours. 

The cupboards mostly didn't reach the roof, and in some houses, people would store more things on top of the cupboards than inside. 

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On our Facebook page, we asked what you remember from the 80s in terms of home decor, and Laura Finch said, "Floral carpets and terylene curtains..it worked! Oh.. and crocheted doilies!"

Gian-Piera Padoan Castelli commented: "Nothing matched, nothing and we were happy, humbly happy 😂 it didn’t matter."

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