East Coast Gold from home: Old School meets New School

East Coast Gold from home: Old School meets New School

Find out how East Coast Gold is adapting to a new way of broadcasting in these uncertain times.

Gordon Graham
Gordon Graham/ Supplied

Every morning at around 5am, I am usually fumbling around for my car keys and trying not to wake the family as I take the last sip of my coffee and head out the door. Under normal circumstances, most people would be annoyed and frustrated to leave the house so early, but, no, not me!


You see I have the privilege of hosting the More Music Breakfast Show on East Coast Gold - and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!


So, for me, heading into the studio is always filled with a sense of excitement of what I have prepared and how we are going to share the three hours with our amazing audience. I know it sounds silly, but I am like a kid before my show – I can’t wait to get started.


Sadly, a few weeks ago, that all changed when we were told that it’s ‘Lockdown’, and that brought with it many challenges to all sorts of industries. For radio, well, it added a unique challenge to the proverbial ‘Show Must Go On’.


Picture this. East Coast Breakfast, for example, has seven people working on the show to make it sound as good as it does. Now you have six of those people working remotely from home and one in studio to run the mixing desk. That requires some quick, careful thinking from the technical department to pull off.


I have to say that the East Coast Radio (and in our case East Coast Gold) tech team have been incredible with potentially 11 off-site home studios being set up and ready in a matter of a day or two.


East Coast Gold plays music from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and I am always amazed at how the Old School meets the New School of online radio on a daily basis.


Now that the show is done from my home office every Monday to Friday, I am even more amazed at the technology it takes to make it work and to make it work reliably and well.


You as the listener deserve the best on-air product we can deliver and in the absence of multi-million Rand studios, that means a commitment to the on-air product and being innovative to bring you the Classic Hits you deserve, mixed in with some on-air fun, of course.


Thanks to our technical team at East Coast Gold the Show Will Go On! And we absolutely love sharing it with you.


You can contact us on WhatsApp on 061 821 0881 or email [email protected].

We would love to hear from you, how you are doing, what music you think we should add to our playlist, what memories the music brings to mind, or just to say “hello”.


Old School Music, New School Tech, 24 hours of Classic Hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s – that’s East Coast Gold!

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