Interview with BALLYHOO's Fergie Ferguson about upcoming KZN shows

BALLYHOO's Fergie Ferguson on upcoming KZN live shows

East Coast Gold's Gordon Graham speaks to BALLYHOO's Fergie Ferguson to find out more about the band's upcoming KZN shows.

Ballyhoo band members

Who can forget the smash hit “Man On The Moon” – the song that took BALLYHOO to the top of the charts in 1981, and is still going strong.

The Irish Rock ‘n Roll Band BALLYHOO needs no introduction! Having dominated the SA Music scene since the 70’s, the legendary band is back on the run with a newly reformed outfit with the addition of Ralph Martin (the guitarist who was part of the “Man on the Moon” era).

BALLYHOO has an inspiring new energy on stage and, with their vocal strength and versatility, is set on recording new material and performing for exclusive events across South Africa, including Durban and Pietermartizburg, as Fergie Ferguson has revealed!

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February 2022 saw the release of their new original song “Gotta Have A Little”. However, they still love to play the classic, "Man on the Moon", says Ferguson. He's been speaking to East Coast Gold's Gordon Graham about their KZN shows.

"We are super excited to present our new show to all the folks in KZN. Hope to see some old faces as well as many new ones!"

Listen to the full interview with Ferguson below.

Upcoming BALLYHOO Shows:

The band will be performing at The Alan Wilson Hall in Maritzburg on 6th May from 19:30. 

Tickets are R200. For bookings, contact Myrna on 065 889 8257.

Durban - Northwood Crusaders Club - 7th May @ 2pm. Entrance is free.

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