Wow! 50% meal discounts for anyone who locks their phone away at this restaurant

Wow! 50% meal discounts for anyone who locks their phone away at this restaurant

A 'no phone' policy is being implemented until the end of the year.

No phones

Do you think that you could possibly go at least three hours without your phone? If you're sleeping it doesn't count... 

A pub called, The Silent Woman Inn, has implemented a no-phone policy these December holidays. 

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They are hoping to encourage customers to spend quality time with each other when enjoying meals instead of being distracted by social media and games on the phone. 

They are also hoping the initiative will also allow for a calmer environment in their venue and stop customers from getting annoyed at listening to other people talking on their phones.

According to the pub, a 'No Phone Zone' is being tested out until the end of the month.

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What do you get if you comply? You get 50% off your meal!

This is an amazing initiative, especially as we have missed so much of each others' lives because of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions that kept us apart. 

Why not catch up without seeming uninterested? We are totally for this initiative! 

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"So, with this December set to be even more special than usual, make every moment count, and make up for all those moments lost by celebrating the Christmas season at The Silent Woman, phone free!", the pub shared with The Sun. 

There is definitely room for this in South African restaurants! 

Why not disconnect a little to connect meaningfully with our loved ones?


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