Spend less time charging your phone with new Xiaomi tech

Spend less time charging your phone with new Xiaomi tech

Chinese tech company, Xiaomi, has shared that one of its smartphones reaches 100% full charge in eight minutes.

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Darren Maule usually takes about the same amount of time to make a cup of coffee when a double play airs – eight full minutes. That is how long this new smartphone takes to fully charge from low battery at 0% to 100%.

The phone in question is a modified Mi 11 Pro and Xiaomi says it is a record speed for charging a phone. This is for both wired and wireless charging speeds.

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The phone’s 4,000mAh battery is fully charged in eight minutes with the company’s 200W wired ‘HyperCharge’ tech and the wireless charge, which is 120W, takes about 15 minutes.

Take a look: 

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It will be a while before these kinds of charging speeds become available to the average person, but it is exciting news nonetheless. 

So, great effort! But enjoy and appreciate your current phone for as long as the battery can get you through the day...

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