Weighing up the pros and cons of boarding schools in SA

Weighing up the pros and cons of boarding schools in SA

Although boarding schools may help a child’s all-round development, they are not for every family.

Would you send your child to boarding school?
What are the pros and cons of boarding schools in South Africa. Image: Pexels/ Max Fischer

School is a time of discovery and growth, so it’s important that young people get the most out of their education. 

In South Africa, many families choose to send their children to boarding schools in order to provide them with the best all-round educational opportunities possible. 

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While boarding schools in South Africa come with many pros, there are also a few cons to consider. 

According to Business Tech, many families see boarding school as a family tradition, while new families are looking to send their children to boarding school as a way to acclimatise to the requirements of modern life.

Many parents are concerned about whether or not their children will be happy if they go to a boarding school.

Well, here are some pros and cons about boarding schools in SA:

Many school children in SA struggle to read for meaning, a study has found.
International study reveals 8 out of 10 Grade 4 pupils in South Africa can't read for meaning. Image: Forest Woodward


  • Student safety is so crucial. Boarding schools offer an added layer of safety to students - both during the school day and at night when they are asleep. 

  • Educational opportunities are plenty. Boarding schools in South Africa are some of the best in the world, providing students with a quality education and a stimulating learning environment. Class sizes are generally smaller than those found in public schools, and students have access to a range of areas for independent study. 

  • Stellar extra curricular activities. Most boarding schools offer a range of extra curricular activities, such as sports, music, or drama. This is a great way for students to explore their interests, discover their passions, and develop new skills. 

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  • Cost of these schools is quite high. Boarding schools can be expensive, and most families in South Africa have to make financial sacrifices to send their children to these schools. 

  • Isolation. Attending a boarding school in South Africa can also mean a certain degree of isolation from family and close friends. It can be difficult to stay connected with friends and family who live far away and cannot make regular visits. 

  • There would be a lack of independence. Students in boarding schools are often restricted in terms of the activities they can take part in. The strict rules and regulations of these schools can limit their freedom and independence.


Whether a boarding school is the right choice for your child in South Africa depends on a range of factors. 

It can stem from financial considerations to the child’s own interests and preferences. 

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Weighing up the pros and cons of boarding schools in South Africa can be challenging, but with careful consideration, both parents and children can find the right school for their needs.

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