WATCH: Top secret recipes for McDonald's meals leaked by viral TikToker

WATCH: Top secret recipes for McDonald's meals leaked by viral TikToker

His chips video already has more than eight-million views!

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Like their tagline, 'I'm lovin' it', we love that we finally have some sort of insight into how our favourite fast food restaurant creates their meals. 

A certain TikTok user, @essentialsmcdonalds, posted several videos on the social media platform showing the behind-the-scenes processes of making your favourite burgers, nuggets, and fries. 

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Now this is how you make the Beef Quarter Pounder...

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If you're more of a chicken burger lover, he gives a step-by-step recipe of the Crispy Chicken as well. 

Maybe you can make your own this weekend?!

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In another video posted recently, @essentialmcdonalds revealed how french fries are made. 

"This is how you make our fries," the user says in the clip. "You get your fries from your fry hopper. You put your basket there and it drops them."

The video shows the TikTok user getting the fries in the fryer basket and then placing them into the oil. 

This is something many people worldwide will appreciate seeing:

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"You get a duty timer 30 seconds after they’ve started cooking and you just press that and you shake the fries so they don’t stick together and you put them back in the oil."

This is definitely the special touch which makes them so delicious and consistently top tier! 

As of Wednesday morning, this video had been viewed more than eight-million times. 

And the nuggets? Well, check this out:

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He might have just done something legendary here, right? 

This is brilliant!

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