WATCH: TikToker reveals surprising fact about the McDonald's drive-thru

WATCH: TikToker reveals surprising fact about the McDonald's drive-thru

Just when you thought your favourite fast food restaurant didn't have any more secrets...

McDonalds taking orders and

While we would like to think that we all are constantly focused on living our best healthy lives, there is nothing quite as tasty as a fast-food drive-thru meal.

It just hits different.

These drive-thrus are also filled with mystery and intrigue. What really goes on behind that glass window?

Over the last couple of years, TikTok and other social media apps have been giving us an exclusive look into the depths of the fast-food industry and we've made some incredible discoveries.

Usually, these videos focus on how things are made, but recently someone revealed a very interesting, and kind of creepy, fact about how the drive-thru works.

@secretfitzz posted a TikTok video where she filmed herself in her McDonald's uniform and what she told the world will shock you!

She mentioned some of the technology used at these drive-thrus and it turns out that McDonald's has an almost never-ending collection of mugshots.

But not like a police mugshot.

Watch the video below and it will all make sense: (video contains strong language)


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♬ Ocean Prime (feat. Coi Leray) - Coi Leray & Bfb Da Packman

Like everyone else who has watched this video, we are flabbergasted!

Did someone say FBI?

A few people also felt the same way and one comment mentioned: "My bf always goes HELLO HELLO HELLO?!?!?! If there's no response immediately. And I'm like shhhhh."

@secretfitzz replied to this with a very sensible: "If you shout hello at us we will purposely make you wait longer and start b**ching about you to whoever is on shift w us."

It's all very enlightening... 

We'll definitely remember this the next time we go for a Happy Meal.

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Main image courtesy of @secretfitzz/TikTok

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