WATCH: Steve Irwin's son runs for his life as giant crocodile attacks

WATCH: Steve Irwin's son runs for his life as giant crocodile attacks

This was a really close call! 

Durban security officer fights off a crocodile to save his dog...
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The first thing anyone should do when in the vicinity of crocodiles is RUN!

Okay, maybe the real initial action should be to not panic, but you catch our drift...

But what happens when you work with them and other reptiles daily? 

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Eighteen-year-old son of Steve 'The Crocodile Hunter' Irwin, Robert, shared footage this week showing him almost being eaten.

Robert Irwin has spoken about the heart-stopping moment he was forced to flee for his life when a 3.7metre crocodile lunged at him during a feeding session at Australia Zoo. 

In the video, Irwin offered Casper the crocodile a slab of meat for lunch to test whether the animal was comfortable enough with his new enclosure to be featured in shows at the zoo. 

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But the 350kg reptile ignored the meat and made a beeline for the teen with snapping jaws...

It's no joke! 

Have a look here: 

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Robert described the 350kg beast as one of the most 'hard-hitting' crocodiles at Australia Zoo - one that his father Steve rescued long ago.

His mother, Terri, was asked how she felt seeing her son risking his life to train with the crocodiles. She shared: "Just incredibly proud. I really wish Steve could be here to see what a great job he's doing."

It is absolutely scary and equally impressive that they can do this scary work!

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