"Stock up on some wine" - Prof Tulio de Oliveira

"Stock up on some wine" - Prof Tulio de Oliveira

There have been rumours and messages doing the rounds on a possible provincial lockdown to be announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday, 2 December. To find out more, the Breakfast team had a chat with virologist and bioinformatician Professor Tulio de Oliveira. 

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KwaZulu Natal is already experiencing an increase in cases since lockdown regulations were relaxed and it seems the numbers are still going up. 

According to Prof Tulio de Oliveira, we can expect infections to increase even further during the festive season. He further stated that the Ugu district, has the highest infections, and there is a correlation in failure to follow COVID protocols in this district as the Eastern Cape and Western Cape.

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With news that President Ramaphosa might be addressing the nation on Wednesday, 2 December,  many are worried about a possible ban on interprovincial travel and alcohol. 

To this concern, Prof says "Just to be wise, sock up on some wine."

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More questions Prof Tulio de Oliveira answered include:

  • How did China avoid a big wave during their new year's celebrations this year? 
  • There are lots of tests available at this stage. What test should people get, under which circumstances and where do we get them? 
  • What are the elements of the so-called “Perfect Storm” for a second wave in December?

Listen to the podcast to get all the answers from Prof Tulio de Oliveira.

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