South Africa's very first cannabis clinical trial

South Africa's very first cannabis clinical trial

New research proves that cannabis is the real deal...

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South Africa’s first cannabis clinical trial. Image: Unsplash

South Africa will conduct its first ethically approved cannabis clinical trial. Biodata will test if cannabis can replace opioids as management for chronic pain. 

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The study will need 1,000 participants who have been taking opioids to manage pain and are willing to change to a cannabis alternative. 

Researchers are predicting that the clinical trial will provide a safer alternative. The study will also provide much needed information in terms of genetics and patients.

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Dr Shiksha Gallow is a cannabis clinician and also the principal investigator for the trial. The doctor is adamant that the study will be a success. 

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"Currently, we are in the process of recruiting patients and capturing all the data of the questionnaires. This will help with feedback from the patients for the live Study," said Dr. Gallow. 

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How it works is the patient will need to apply first. The application process is on the Biodata website.

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