Man dies after drinking hand santizer

Man dies after drinking hand sanitizer

A man from Tamil Nadu, India was so thirsty that he drank a bottle of sanitizer.

Law gavel, alcohol and car keys / iStock
Law gavel, alcohol and car keys / iStock

He was identified only as Bernard, who became ill after he drank the alcohol-based sanitizer. This comes after the whole of India is under restrictions to flattern the curve.

Liquor shops in the state of Tamil Nadu are complete shut during this period.

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Bernard’s family rushed him to the hospital but he died soon after.  According to The Star online, there has been an increase in reports of people falling sick or dying because of consuming illegal alcohol beverages and other liquids containing alcohol.

More than 151,000 people have been arrested in Tamil Nadu state alone for flouting lockdown rules and impounded 119,286 vehicles. 

Talk about desperation!

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